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Holistic Therapies

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As you know, we offer a wide offer related to holistic therapies, which belong to natural therapies. But within them, there are different types that can vary depending on the purpose of it. This is the classification of traditional medicine therapy:

  • Comprehensive or complete systems.

They consist of a complete system. Some examples are Reiki , Energy Therapies.

  • Biological Therapies.

Through our leading - edge methodology, showed how emotions influence health .: Biodescodificación , Trasgeneracional , Project Sense ,

  • Focus on the mind and body.

We include practices that focus the interaction between mind, body and behavior, and Mind Control techniques that affect physical functions and promote Health . Among them, Meditation , Prayer , Mental Healing and therapies related to Personal Challenges, Health Challenges , Stop Smoking , Weight Loss , Mental Challenges , NLP , Meditation stand out.

  • Therapies on the basis of energy.

They are based on the use of energy fields to influence the state of health. These techniques try to affect the fields that surround and penetrate the human body. Cleansing chakras , Cleansing bad energy.



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