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What exactly is chiromassage?

Chiromassage is a technique or, rather, a set of techniques that are used by a therapist with the purpose of manipulating the fatty, muscular tissues and the skin of a patient with the purpose of calming their pain .

What is the quiromassage for?

Chiromassage is used to calm the pain of patients that come from the presence of trigger points or muscle contractures , tendinitis ...

As with massage therapy, lymphatic drainage massages are also used to favor the suppression of waste substances and consequently, suppress general discomfort, although this is not common.

In summary, the main objective of the use of chiromassage is to suppress muscle contractures , tendinitis and other musculoskeletal class nosologies.

How would this kind of therapy work?

In case it is the first session, a previous examination will be carried out to obtain basic information about the patient and his state of health, to serve as an example he will be asked about his age, work status, what kind of discomfort he suffers and from at what point, if he takes some kind of medication ...

Once this first contact is finished, the patient will lie down on a stretcher and then the therapist will proceed to carry out a manual examination to determine the severity of the discomfort, where the pain centers are, etc.

Once this has been done, the area to be treated will begin to heat up with the friction of the hands and later, oil will be added and the massage itself and the manipulations that the therapist believes necessary to calm the subject's discomfort will proceed.

The way it works to calm the discomfort is very simple, to serve as an example if our problem is that we have a trigger point, it will apply myofascial release and kneading techniques to relax the muscles of the area and promote irrigation blood to the damaged muscles in order to suppress the contracture and the associated pain.

We have a massage letter if you have any other problems, let us know.

From 20 euros to 30 euros

Nuestra carta de masajes

Tratamiento Drenaje Linfático, 60 min

Masaje relajante, 60 min.

Masaje descontracturante, 60 min.

Masaje + Reiki Healing, 75 min.

Masaje activación sanguínea, 60 min.

Masaje vital, 60 min.

Masaje tailandés- Prana Flow, 90 min.

Masaje tailandés- tradicional, 60 min.

Reflexología Podal, 60 min.

Masaje deportivo, Sportmassage, 60 min. 

Drenaje Linfatico, 60 min

Masaje Craneo facial TIR; 90 min.

Masaje especial embarazadas, 60 min.

Masaje en pareja, 60 min.

Masaje terapéutico, 60 min.

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