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If life is a journey that teaches you something different every day, traveling is another life that teaches you at all times.

Being happy in life is simple, the difficult thing is to be simple, starting with this phrase I have learned on each trip, that we do not need so many things to live and that the biggest dreams can be fulfilled.

Traveling has taught me to break with many limiting beliefs and prejudices that I could have, especially I learned to:

Leaving the comfort zone, going to unknown places (even if you saw them on TV, if you don't go, if you don't soak up their energy, it is worth nothing) immerse myself in a different culture, communicate with myself, with the environment and with life in a more affective way.

But above all traveling has taught me to seek the resources within myself to get ahead, which produced a change in mentality, life offers you a new point of view, greater emotional well-being, and increased self-esteem like nothing or nobody does it.

For all this I have become addicted to traveling, since it leaves us a millionaire bank of memories and anecdotes to tell.

It has also taught me to reflect on the importance that is given in other parts of the world to certain values ​​that we have forgotten.

But, above all, the greatest learning that travel gave me is the opportunity to get to know myself more.

If you ask me what I have learned from traveling I will tell you hey! If I have not stopped traveling yet, I still have sane.

If I had to comment on a few I would tell you, and perhaps the most powerful one, that of discovering the power of surprise that the world encloses, every place I visit its scenic beauty gave me the feeling that it would be difficult to beat.

On the other hand, I have learned that the world is not as dangerous as it is painted. If it were for the news in the press and television, no one would leave home.

Actually the rest of the world is not so different from us, in the world 90% of the people are good.

In fact, from the poorest countries I travel, I learned the best lesson, everything they have is enough to cover their basic needs and they do not feel depressed for not buying something that they cannot afford and it is not worth anything either.

They do not understand what envy is and if someone has something they immediately share it.

Remember if you are going to travel everything you need fits in a backpack, the less load you carry, the more kilometers you will do.

If you want the doors to be opened to you on each trip, just smile, say hello and say thank you.

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