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For most of us it is common and not at all abnormal to feel on our backs the continued stiffness of intense work days and the tension in our cervical areas of the neck that strong emotions generate. In this way, we are not really aware of our problem until we receive a massage.

Although all muscles are susceptible to overload, it is the trapezius, neck muscles and those that accompany the cervical muscles that are the most vulnerable.

Decontracting neck and back massages are also an elementary means of transport to get rid of those muscular pressures and relax , an endorphin-releasing factor, those natural antidepressants that influence the well-being of human beings and help us fight pain . In addition, the assiduous repetition of this type of treatment can help us improve the functioning of our circulatory , digestive , nervous and locomotor systems as well as alleviate different disorders.

Benefits of a neck shoulder massage:

The benefits that we all already know or intuit that these massages have, are those that occur on our muscles. The result of the massage depends on the technique used in this case, so that if the maneuvers are slow and harmonious they stimulate muscle relaxation, while if they are fast, they increase the capacity of contraction and elasticity of the muscle and promote the tonicity and resistance of the muscles. East.

One of the positive effects that we can find on our skin is its greater elasticity as a result of the elimination of fatty substances by rubbing our hands. On the other hand, the absorption of substances is facilitated and there is a greater exchange of oxygen and nutrients, which facilitates cell regeneration.

In relation to the circulatory system, decontracting massages cause an increase in blood and lymphatic circulation , releasing toxic substances from the tissues.

The relaxing and psychological effect is no less important than the physiological results of this type of treatment; the advantages on the nervous system are many and very important. And, although the feeling of well-being that it provides us is always gratifying, its benefits go much further. First, an analgesic effect of painful sensations is obtained by anesthetizing the sensory nerve endings.

On the other hand, it takes away the feeling of fatigue and increases resistance to work. It is also a good method to mitigate stress , insomnia or other mental illnesses .

Duration 55 minutes

Focused on:

  • Deep relaxation.

  • Release of muscle tension.

  • Release of mental tension.

  • Recovery of general equilibrium.

  • Feeling of rest.

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