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A contracture is the continuous and involuntary contraction of a muscle and its fibers. They cause pain and an alteration of its normal functioning.

There are many types of contractures and they are not only common in athletes, as we might believe. People with sedentary lives, the elderly or those individuals who are subjected to heavy loads of stress are the main 'victims' of these uncomfortable pains.

When do contractures appear?

Normally, contractures appear when carrying out continuous activity with improper posture. A bad posture in the office when sitting in the chair is synonymous with contractures and severe pain in both the back and neck.

Weight bearing improperly is another cause. Many times we want to lift a box and we do not use the correct posture to do it, or we even try to take more weight than our body can support.

Another factor is dehydration. Our body needs a high amount of water as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Its lack can cause painful contractures to appear.

And the psychological factor? Is it also the cause of its appearance?

The answer is, of course, yes. Stress, anxiety and tension cause our body to remain rigid and, therefore, to be in a continuous bad posture. This is when the muscle tension and stiff neck begins.

And a decontracting massage? Advantages and benefits

Our body needs to be moved from time to time, so a massage can be a good option to relax the body and relax at the same time.

Although apparently a decontracting massage may seem painful in itself, it is not. Obviously it is a massage a little stronger than the usual one to relax the body. But you will only notice the discomfort in the tense areas and the benefit later will be great: those areas will be free of tension and you will feel, above all, relief.

Duration depending on the area. Approx 45 minutes

Focused on:

  • Relaxes and helps you sleep soundly.

  • Activates blood circulation and helps you eliminate toxins in your body.

  • Relieves headaches and even migraines caused by cervical contractures.

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